About the project

Some facts 

The Northern Territory of Australia is experiencing an unprecedented degree of social disconnection and dysfunction throughout its city, urban, rural, island and remote communities. 

There are many examples of this occurring being reported in mainstream and social media forums. Simply by moving around in any community, people can witness for themselves how some of these negative influences are negatively impacting on our social functioning. They influence our people and their respective cultures in unhelpful or unuseful ways. 

What can we achieve? Empowerment!!!

Greater social, emotional, economic and ‘whole-of-community’ strength for the entire Northern Territory generation by generation over time.

Commitment to ourselves and others to be the best we can be.

​Much will be achieved when we can get to a point where this positive engagement produces an improved ‘way of being’ around the jurisdiction. 

A 20-year project embracing the 6 to 26-year-old population

YES relies on the continued mentoring of other young people every step of the way. Newer members of any community are supported to ‘step up’ for emerging generations.

Whilst the target population is 6 to 26-year-old, the model aims to impact all Northern Territory ‘village dwellers’ positively over the duration of the project.