Our thoughts 

Planning for the future…

Mentoring others is a very significant element of this model.

The project is designed to be delivered continuously over a 20-year period. Given Phil's chronological age, by 2038 it is acknowledged that he may well have died. It is imperative that any learned knowledge or wisdom he may have gleaned over the course of his life-time be shared with other, younger members of various

‘pods’ around the Northern Territory before he does. 

Phil's personal aim is to be the ‘mortar’ over the first 5 years of this project until it is confidently handed over to others of a younger age group who will continue with its on-going development and delivery over the following 5 years.

Planned succession is crucial for delivering this project over the 20-year period. 

The mortar role would then be handed over to a mentored colleague or colleagues for each subsequent 5 year period for the duration of the project. The major thrust on me delivering this YES project initially is to conduct a series of presentations, workshops and forums with already established leaders and people of influence in the respective communities that empower them to make positive choices in their own lives. 

Those young people, in turn, will deliver the concept via their already established relationships evolved with the people (students and others) with whom they have those connections. Strengthening those relationships through guidance, teaching and modelling aims to enhance the lives of those with whom they have influence.

 Ripples of influence…

A ‘ripple effect’ where information and practices flow from one to others emerges through this process. The YES model mirrors a ‘train the trainer’ approach. The ‘mortar’ training will be applied (delivered) by myself to other community leaders of groups in the eight nominated ‘pods’ (initially in Alice Springs and Tennant Creek). They can then apply those principles to their respective audiences with whom they have an already established realm of influence relationship (employees, students, team members and others).

Such is the genesis for this approach. 

Having identified 8 potential geographical areas around the NT other current, emerging and yet to be born community leaders will be required to implement the model over time. The model seeks to co-opt the talents, knowledge and wisdom of others around a variety of cultures, languages and ethnic groups throughout the whole of our Northern Territory.