Our Mission

YES is a 20-year project that will deliver:

Effective and comprehensive facilitation of the Youth Engagement Strategy Northern Territory program to all communities around the jurisdiction.

Sustainable improvements to the social and economic fabric for the benefit of all Northern Territorians. This will be done by inviting their assistance to make the behavioural changes necessary for achieving successful and proactive outcomes over time. 

Our Vision

That we evolve a more prosperous, viable and enticing Northern Territory of Australia where all people are honoured, respected and connected with each other living in vibrant communities that reflect pride, passion and commitment to the betterment of everyone’s lives and the environments they share.


Why are we here?

To work together, with you, in helping to improve the lives of all young people by reaching out to the 6-26 st/age groups around the Northern Territory.

Are we ambitious?

YES, we are. There are so many talented people all over the Northern Territory for us to work with. Together, we can all help to make this happen. If everyone does a little, a lot gets done.

How will we do this?

By facilitating ‘bricks and mortar’ networking and consultation forums with local leaders, enablers and people of influence in all urban, rural and remote communities around the Northern Territory over a 20 year period.

These forums will introduce the program design and content and seek feedback on the best ways in which local communities could strategically implement the program within their own context.

Following an introductory session, we would continue to work with those communities to look at ways in which the opportunities can be implemented and evaluated.

Learn how the project can impact on the lives of the targeted st/age groups of 6-8, 9-12, 13-17, 18-21 and 22-26 year old young people. Learn about ways in which those impacts can filter through to and benefit the whole community. We warmly welcome your own ideas on how we can achieve this.



Would you like to join us?

YES is actively seeking younger members of various communities around the Northern Territory to have direct input into ways in which the strategy could be implemented within their geographical area. 

Mentoring and coaching younger people is a major component of this strategy so that it can be strengthened to continue over the planned 20-year time frame. We are keen for young people in their teens, 20s and 30s to come on board so that the delivery and messaging is reflective and respectful of the needs of those st/age groups. 

We are seeking expressions of interest from those young people who would like to join the YESNT Board to input some guidance and direction as we grow forward.

This proactive engagement looks to the project being ‘owned’ and driven by younger people who are best connected with the target audience. Feel free to send us an email yesntaustralia@gmail.com if you’re interested.