Who we are…

The not-for-profit Youth Engagement Strategy Northern Territory Inc. has several skills-based Directors to ensure transparency, accountability, integrity of function and fund disbursement. We are actively seeking to partner with already existing groups and agencies to help make this a ‘whole-of-community’ integrated project over time so there is less reliance on government funding. Working together in consultation and cohesive collaboration with each other in whatever capacity is available to us is a focused premise of this initiative.

Our Team

Phil Walcott
Suzanne Visser
Eric Turner


Counselling psychologist Phil Walcott is the initial creator and designer of the YESNT project. He worked in the NT with various agencies and in private practice for 25 years.

Phil firmly believes that, with courage, conviction and compassion, the people of the Northern Territory have the capacity to engage with the process of positive social engagement, social enterprise and proactive change for the present and future generations of Territorians.


Suzanne is a legal scholar, a writer, a painter and a mindfulness teacher. She has worked extensively with Indigenous women in Alice Springs and in very remote locations in the NT and SA. She is a long term resident of Alice Springs and cares deeply about the place. 

She is currently doing a PhD at CDU. Her research subject is crime in Alice Springs. She knows a lot about employment law and used to support people with difficulties at work through the Fair Work processes. 

After the PhD she wants to establish a Centre for Sustainable Justice in Alice Springs.


Public Officer

Eric Turner is an Alice Springs based Arrernte man who has lived and worked in remote and urban Aboriginal communities across the Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia for the past 36 years. Eric has worked for state and federal governments in the NT and Canberra, the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health sector and NGO’s. These include roles in management,

policy development, planning and implementation, community development, project management.

Eric’s passions are empowering Aboriginal people to determine their own goals and futures through

engagement, information sharing and enabling tools. Eric’s strengths are communication,

networking, respect honesty, integrity and using initiative.

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Antony Thoppil


Antony is an enthusiastic young man with a finance background who is currently based in Alice Springs.  Antony first moved to Alice Springs seven years ago and moved to other places of couple times, but his love to the Central Australia and its culture made move back to Alice and now Alice as home.  Antony has always been passionate about people and their wellbeing. He strongly believes in sculpting the young generation brings a better tomorrow. 

Mark Lockyer

Mark Lockyer is an Aboriginal man from the Language Arrernte language group. He was born in  Alice Springs; He is inspired by his family and his cultural ambitions and aspiration. He wants to help his people to encourage young people to make something of their lives. He wants to see his people proud of who they are.